29 years after the changes in the political regime in Bulgaria, the ruling elites finally have understood the idea of education being at highest priority to the country. The country inheriting historical traditions failed to benefit from them in the period of postcommunist transition and actually found itself in a position to build up schooling standards from the scratch. The changeability of political conditions did not play a good impact on stable criteria to follow. The multiple but constantly deviating rules and principles created a 29-year background which did not fuel the state system with resourceful and perspective mechanisms, In result, the educational system generally lost a lot of its standards and appeared to implement false and wrong politics that sadly positioned the Bulgarian education to the one of the bottom places in the EU statistics. Culturally and socially the public role of a teacher has been ruined and lost the respectable authority it used to have in Bulgarian society, no matter how nostalgic it may seem. We are determined to change ourselves towards better educational standards, the pioneering and honourable profile of teachers in our society. We consider as one of our supreme goals to plead and work for a relatively better teachers’ remuneration, for improving the school facility and school environment, for inducing values and social respect, to establish supervised and normative relationship between parents, children and teachers so as to establish favourable attitudes in between different participants in this complicated process of schooling, education and setting professional standards to all the young people we expect to be the future of our nation.

International research targeting the level of education and PISA test assessment has shown unsatisfactory results of our educational system as a whole -illiteracy, inability of students to exercise analytical skills or to find solutions and apply them into the real environment. We are left surprised with the lack of qualified staff in potential to be employed in industry sectors and the totally low level of the vocational training in our country, typically performed at the high schools.

We are asking – Why is the educational reform so important to our society ? We confidently declare that excellent education is the basis for industrially advanced EU countries and it is also the core to profitability and scalability of national businesses. Estonia and Poland , among the former socialist countries, also set prime examples of how choosing the selective path in the field of education they managed to successfully set a good pace to their national achievements and obtained dynamic social development. PISA assessments in these two countries have proved the fact that high school results are compatible only with excellent educational standards and well-chosen priorities.

Regrettably, the school reforms debate has not resonated widely in the society and the designated institutions – National Ministry of Education and Regional Inspectorates have not invited teachers as members and have not made efforts for any inclusive politics to unite thoughtful and considerable voices in the public dispute. Finally valuable opinions remained outside the public debate and did not give any contribution to the discussion formally held. Teachers practically are the closest to the process the real insiders whose experience might have been exploited to diagnose realistically the schooling problems and offer viable solutions. We dare to say that the latest version of Educational Bill failed to cover the problem of greatest importance for the necessary changes, namely, the system of funding and budgeting all levels of national education. Due to this reason, “Foundation for European Educational Standards and Vocational Qualification “ – NGO in public field , located in the capital Sofia, has initiated research among teachers leaving their names anonymous to voice their opinions on the major problems at school in the field predominantly of High Schools, where the age of students presupposes a period of life, in which valuable mindsets and skills are due to be built up and brought up.